Future Plan

In terms of academics: Apply for a PhD in Europe after graduation, write a research proposal and find my own research direction.


In terms of work: Due to the uncertainty of the PhD application, I will start looking for a job at the same time as applying. Engaged in art-related work in museums, galleries, or auction houses, constantly accumulate experience. Make contacts with artists and integrate into the art system and art ecology of this industry. Or engaged in the operation of new media in the arts. In this era, online operation and development have become more and more important. I have operated an official account dedicated to publishing art messages for 3 years. I will continue to operate in the future and will try to operate art-related accounts on different platforms. 


In terms of art development: I sign up with Chinese art platforms such as Art Bund, the works will be promoted and sold. I will continue to apply for exhibitions and artist residencies in different places. When choosing an exhibition, I will choose the suitable one according to the theme, format, requirement, curator, etc. I will adjust my mental state because I know that if I want to be accepted by the market and professionals, it may take a long process. I endeavour to be an artist-curator and I will make good preparations in theoretical and practical aspects.


In terms of life: In spare time, I visit art galleries and various art spaces. While visiting, I also think about how to build my own position and what kind of theory and viewpoints are able to ground my criteria. I will keep a lot of reading and maintain my sensitivity to the arts. I hope I can continually improve my understanding and problem-solving pattern and ability. Only through enough accumulation will the works have depth.

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