Door - Xinyao Liu
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"Exist in sound"


golden metal, speaker, mp3 player

To separate the parts on the door, I chose the most representative element - the door handle, which is the sign of the door and can be rotated. The image shows a closed door, but the sound is a variety of opening sounds, so that the intention of the image is separated from the sound. Through the different states of image and sound, I want to create a contradictory feeling and produce different perception experiences. The entire installation is very simple, creating a minimalist space, only the contrast of images and sound. The work creates interaction and dialogue, and it has inconsistent contradictions.

We can build an environment through our existing cognition, and imagine and self-revelation through the laws of the real world. I tried to liberate the functionality of objects, explore the free attributes of objects and their relationship to users. The work expresses the decentralized and de-individualized contemporary narrative. In the form of installation, it explores the “space” and the imperceptible power in life, the sound and silence, the intersection of reality and abstract space, forming a whole.




golden metal


This work is to put the door handle and drawer handles on the wall, so you can't open them. The functionality of the objects disappears, creating a feeling of futileness, and nihilism is expressed in it.


I want to put the existence and contradiction of things in a minimalist work. When some elements of the world are separated from some elements, the functions and values of their existence will also change. The work produces a meaningless act.