"Kill Myself"


TV, hook, rope, hair, broom handle, shower head, shower head handle, hose 

This work contains a series of three videos about kill myself. The suicide objects I chose (hydrogen balloon, ice, hair) are objects that can be slightly noticed, but they can hardly exist in any stable way. According to the characteristics of the material, I want to think in the essence of the material. I control these videos at the intersection of common sense and ridiculous to create an unreal feeling.


In the construction of the scene of my video installation, I took some of the elements that appeared in the videos into the real scene, as if to represent that moment. Guide the audiences to perceive a misplacement of time and space, and combine different plots of a story in a single composition. In fact, all the events depicted on the screens are presented simultaneously. At this time, the video installation covers the past and the present. The constant physical space-time becomes an uncertain poetic space.

I was inspired by a passage from Einstein. Einstein pointed out in The Special Theory of Relativity (1905) that "Every reference-body (co-ordinate system) has its own particular time; unless we are told the reference-body to which the statement of time refers, there is no meaning in a statement of the time of an event."

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