7-10 November 2019

Down the Rabbit Hole, 2019

(Installation view at the Crypt Gallery London)


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We hold an exhibition named “Immurement" at the crypt gallery under St. Pancras Parish Church. This exhibition required every artist to make work that responded to ideas of immurement.


We visited the Crypt Gallery a few months in advance, carefully understood the history of it and observed the structure of the gallery space. We found that the main problem was to pay attention to the space of the gallery and the restrictions on the installation. I like the way to make work for a particular venue.

On the day of set up the exhibition, the position of my work has not been selected. After continuous communication with the curation team, finally, I got a very quiet and independent space for my sound installation, which is very suitable for my work. From this experience, I found it is important to communicate in time when our opinions are different.

We started the work through group collaboration, and I participated in the catering team of the exhibition, which made me know more about the planning of the opening ceremony. With the cooperation of all members of our team, the opening ceremony was very successful. Many people came to support this exhibition. The donation project we prepared was very effective because it could support cash and credit card, so we got a donation for us that could be used for the graduation exhibition. In the opening ceremony, I am not only participated in the work of providing drinks and snacks for the visitors, but also discussed the artworks in the exhibition with the visitors. This is a good opportunity to practice the introduction of artworks in English.

In this exhibition, each artist has different interpretations of the theme. The works are closely combined with the exhibition space to maximize the effect of each piece, and there is a strong relationship between the works. Although the exhibition has undergone a long preparation process, it is a very good experience.

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