Down the Rabbit HoleXinyao
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"Down the Rabbit Hole"


table, book, mp3 player, speaker

Installation view at the Crypt Gallery London

Last term, I made the sound installation of the door. This work is a continuation of the previous work.


I got inspiration from Alice’s film Neco z Alenzy . The content of the film is Alice followed a strange rabbit into the drawer and fell into another world. I extracted some sounds from the film after she fell to another world. So the sound of my artwork likes some interesting things is happening in the drawers, just like it has another world inside. But when the audiences open the drawers, they will find nothing. It separates the perception of the audiences.

Together with different components, including sound, objects and text,  builds a platform that allows audiences to rethink this place. The installation placed in the space seems to call for behavioural intervention to activate the dynamic potential. The audiences can read the book and open the drawers, which intensifies the uncertainty of the installation.


I hope that my work can inspire a kind of association. When the audiences come in this space, they need to rely on their imaginations to determine their visual, psychological and philosophical associations and meanings. The audiences need to create an idea for themselves by seeing the scene and hearing the sound. My goal is to make my work's space no longer as hard as reality, but soft as imagined.

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