Most of the themes come from the reconstruction of small things in life. The main mediums are video, installation, sound and photography. Water and its related forms are the main materials of my creation. My research question is about the relationships between things appearing and disappearing, visible and invisible, tangible and intangible. Let the viewer re-examine the objects in daily life. I want to complicate simple things, re-familiarize clear things, and show the possibilities that materials are not realized.

Water connects my works. It is colorless, tasteless and invisible. I am fascinated by the various transformations created by water, which can have a variety of associations and meanings. Water is always my source of inspiration. ​​In everyday language, we always communicate with each other through common experience. I use water as a daily metaphor. I've been interested in water in different contexts, water in nature( such as water from the sea or river), water in daily life(such as water in the sink, bath, even the washing machine).

I want to create new expressions through works to achieve certain effects that cannot be expressed by past expressions. Taking personal work as a carrier, call on the viewer's personal experience to respond. I want to give up metaphysical tendencies and dramatic historical views and replace them with the subtle experience and sublimation of daily life experience. I am wary of all the symbolic use of materials. I hope that after viewing my work, the viewer can gain a vision to redefine the world and release the imagination.

In my recent work, I switched from physical creation to virtual creation, explored the subtle relationship between people and reflection, the relationship between individual identity and group, and questioned the authenticity of self-existence. The power to build identity is unstable, and identity is always in flux like water. My work is always connected with water invisibly. I will continue to use water as a material and explore its endless forms.